What Does Miss Universe And LumAware Have In Common?

Should a power failure occur during the Miss Universe pageant, participants and all of the attendees can know that MN8 Foxfire will illuminate their way to safety as they evacuate. The same MN8 Foxfire technology used by over 60,000 firefighters is being used by Florida International University’s arena to illuminate the stairs, railings and safety signage as it guides people to safety.

MN8 Foxfire has a full line of safety and egress products for sport and event arenas that don’t require batteries or electricity, are very durable and most important will work when you need them most. MN8 Foxfire utilizes Advanced Photoluminescent Technology ® to assist with evacuation. These photoluminescence (glow in the dark) solutions range from a patented illuminating liquid stair nosing to illuminating railings strips and even signage.

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